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How Is Workers' Compensation Calculated?


How can I calculate the amount of my compensation if I got injured at work?



You can calculate your workers’ compensation by using the average weekly wage formula from the R.I. department of labor. 

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The Weekly Indemnity Formula

The amount you receive in your weekly workers’ compensation benefit check (sometimes referred to as “weekly indemnity”) is calculated using a statutory formula that is based on your average straight gross earnings during the 13 weeks immeadiately prior to your injury, plus an average of your overtime/bonuses for the 52 weeks prior to your injury, and your dependency status (i.e. single/married/children, etc.).  

How To Determine Your Spendable Base Wage?

This formula is used to arrive at your “average weekly wage” (AWW) for workers’ compensation purposes. Your average weekly wage amount (AWW) is then used to determine your “spendable base wage,” which can be ascertained by using the RI Department of Labor’s spendable base wage tables in effect as of the date of your injury. 

Find your average weekly wage on the left-most column on the applicable wage table, and then go across that row to find your status on the applicable table columns (i.e. single-2 or married-3, etc.), that number will be your “spendable base wage.”  Once you have that number, what you actually receive in your weekly workers’ compensation check will be 75% that number, i.e. you weekly check will amount to 75% of your spendable base wage.

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