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Is The Settlement I Agree To Final?


I just settled- is it final or can I change my mind?


The settlement you agreed to is final.


The Decision is Final

The settlement that you agree to is final. Any settlement has to involve an appearance or hearing before the workers’ compensation court so that a judge can determine whether or not to approve the settlement. The judge and lawyers will question the employee at length in order to make sure that the employee has demonstrated that he or she understands the consequences of the settlement.

"Meds Open" Cases

It is important that the employee understand that they will never be able to go back to any court to reopen the case or ask for additional money. Note that we are now seeing some cases that settle with medicals still being paid for. These “meds open” type settlements involve paying you a lump sum and stopping your weekly checks, but keeping the obligation of the carrier to pay your ongoing medical bills open.

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