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What will workers' compensation cover?


I have a workers’ comp case- what costs will it cover?


Worker’s compensation will pay you a weekly benefit during times you are unable to work due to your injury.


General Workers' Comp Payments

Worker’s compensation will pay you a weekly benefit during times you are unable to work due to your injury.  The amount of this benefit is calculated using a statutory formula that is generally based on your earnings during the 13 weeks prior to your injury, your overtime/bonuses for the 52 weeks prior to your injury, and your dependency status (i.e. single/married/children, etc.).

This formula is used to arrive at your “average weekly wage” for workers’ compensation purposes. Your average weekly wage amount is then used to determine your “spendable base wage,” which can be ascertained by using the RI Department of Labor’s spendable base wage tables in effect as of the date of your injury.

What you actually receive in your weekly workers’ compensation check will typically be 75% of your spendable base wage. Although there are exceptions, generally, you may collect for up to 6 years, provided you remain partially disabled from your job as a result of the injury.

In Addition to your Check

In addition to your weekly benefit check, workers’ compensation will pay for all medical treatment, devices, and prescriptions which are reasonable and necessary to treat you.  This can include doctor’s visits, physical therapy, injections, MRI or other imaging studies/tests, surgery, etc.

There are also additional specific amounts of money that you may be entitled to under the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation system for scarring/disfigurement related to the injury or surgery for the injury, as well as for “loss of use” or “permanency rating” if there are permanent injuries. You may also receive mileage reimbursement for certain trips to doctor’s/therapy appointments.

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