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When Can I Get My Scar Money?


When Can I Get My Scar Money?


The point in time at which you are likely to receive this benefit is when a doctor has given an opinion that your disfigurement is at “end result,” meaning that further medical care is unlikely to enhance the appearance of it.

When Scar Money Arrives

The Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Act does provide for a separate benefit, i.e. a separate check and amount of money if you have disfigurement from the injury, whether that is a scar, a burn or some other deformity. Once you are at that point in time, your lawyer and the insurer will meet with you to view the deformity or disfigurement and try to agree on a number or a dollar amount that is fair.

How Much Scar Money is Worth

The value of your scarring or disfigurement is highly subjective. However, a lawyer who has done this many times will have a very good idea as to whether you are better off taking the offer that is on the table for the scarring or proceeding to workers’ compensation court and having a judge determine the amount of your scarring benefit. This usually occurs about six months after the date of the injury, but it could happen earlier or later.

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